If you feel ‘somehow’ when it’s time to pay salaries, you’re not alone

How to Ensure You Get Maximum Value for the Salary You Pay Your Employees

It’s end of the month and it’s time to pay salary.

But something is paining you again.

Thoughts like:

– These staff sef, what are they even doing?

– I don’t even see what I’m paying them salary for because I do most of the work.

– Look at Esther, apart from posting on Instagram, what is she even doing?

Let me be honest.

It’s not Esther’s fault.

She’s doing what you hired her for.

You hired her because you were struggling with content creation and posting.

The question is, did you hire her to solve problems for the business or to make your life easier only?

You don’t hire staff to solve one problem.

Once they solve that one problem, it will look like they aren’t doing anything.

You hire staff because you have clearly planned what the person would do.

You define all the functions the staff will be responsible for before you hire the person.

So before you hire Esther, you can say…

Job role: Online Marketer

Job Functions:

– Content creation

– Content distribution

– Email marketing

– DM marketing

– Content research

After this, you can now create a job description which is simply details of how the functions above will be carried out.

Now you can hire, and when it’s time to pay salaries, it won’t be biting you.

Business is Serious Business.

What do you think?