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Client: Nnamdi, I have noticed that regarding some of the challenges you identified, you insisted on getting other experts to handle them.

We have worked with 3 people who are not staff of Excel and Grace Consulting, even though we had insisted on working with just your team.

Why is that?

Me: Interesting.

You are a parent so this will make sense to you.

Imagine your business was your last child who just injured himself.

You bring him to the hospital and I am the Doctor on duty.

Now I look at the injury and decide that I need to do an X-ray to get a better understanding of the scope of the injury.

Do I need to be the one who does the X-ray?

Client: Hmm.. No.

Me: Great. So the X-ray is back but I need to hear from a bone expert, would you have any problem if I call in a bone expert from another hospital?

Client: Not at all.

Me: Is your child not still my patient?

Client: Yes Doctor.

Me: (Smiles), now we arrive at a diagnosis and a prescription is given for a dressing, POP and some injections. Of course I can do these, but is it a problem if a qualified nurse who ……. Client: (Interrupts) I get the point, Sir

Please tell the branding guy to come and see me.

It is about helping you get results.

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