Do you love your business…? That could be the PROBLEM

Nkechi loves to cook.

In fact, if you wake her up and tell her to cook, you have made her day.

And she’s really good at it.

She’s one of those women who, when they are in the kitchen, you just see them function as if they are a robot, but with elegance.

You know some people love cooking and making food available.

That’s Nkechi.

Nkechi owns a restaurant.

She loves cooking in the restaurant, but doesn’t love everything else in the restaurant.

She doesn’t love marketing.

She doesn’t love inventory.

She doesn’t love hiring, training, and all the other staffing issues.

She doesn’t love purchasing or going to the market.

She doesn’t love paying salaries, creating strategy etc.

She just loves to cook.

Nkechi sound like you right?

You love what you do, but you don’t love everything about it.

So here’s the part you also won’t like about this post.

It’s the other part you don’t love that is the problem.

It’s the marketing you don’t like, and don’t pay attention to, that’s why you are struggling.

It’s the accounting.

It’s the inventory.

It’s the hiring, paying good salaries and on time, etc.

These things DON’T NEED YOUR LOVE.

They don’t need your PASSION.

You just need to get them done.

You don’t go to the ATM because you love it. You go because you have to get money.

To change things in your business, start today to pay attention to those things that need to be done but you don’t love them, and get them done.