Business decisions

When the word disengagement is mentioned in business or in the work environment, certain things readily come to mind. It could be one of the following:

1. Staff disengagement by management 
2. Staff disengagement from management 
3. Business disengagement 
4. Disengagement from business 

The word disengagement simply means a process of been productively detached or disconnected to a system that is more or less productive. The decision to disengage could be internally or externally motivated depending on the situation and who is taking the decision. 

Getting disengaged is more pessimistically perceived by many and it’s rather sad because it ought not to be so. In business, resources ( men and materials) are constantly engaged and disengaged for the over all interest of the company. So, it is a decision that must be taken frequently in a normal, thriving and productive system; and like I said before no one has a monopoly of this decision. 

However, because the act of disengagement is a decision process, the options available must be properly weighed and acceptable before embarking on it. This is probably why I say in one of my favorite quote that: ” The pains of foolishness is not in the process but at the end when you suddenly realize that there are certain things you should have done that you didn’t do” .

So, disengagement decisions should not be taken by fools. Fools unfortunately do not necessarily lack knowledge but they do in understanding and wisdom. 

In the next couple of posts, I shall be discussing disengagement in the four areas mentioned above. Hopefully and by His grace, we will see the challenges and opportunities that are embedded in this business decision process called disengagement.

See you in the next post.

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