Being a Nigerian is tough.

Being a Nigerian who does business in Nigeria is chaotic.

Being a Nigerian woman who does business in Nigeria, there are no words.

It is actually worse when you seem to be alone and can’t get the support of the men in your life.

Let us share a few ideas that would help you get their support.

(And we’re talking about men, not boys. There’s a difference).

1. Document your progress and share it with us.

We know you are putting in so much energy and time.

We see you stress yourself.

We want to see what’s coming out of it.

You made 100k this week.

Tell us.

You implemented a strategy and it worked, tell us.

We want to know that you are getting results.

2. Ask us for help.

We are designed to rescue and fix things.

We know you can do all things through Christ, but we also like to be needed.

Come to us with problems, and allow us help.

(Even if you don’t use our solution eventually)

3. When we give money for your business, work towards paying it back.

Let’s say we pay the rent for your shop, see it as a loan, and plan to pay it back.

As soon as you have it, sit with us and tell us you have the money back.

In most cases, we won’t take it back, but our respect for you will increase dramatically because you have shown us that you are serious in a language we understand.

4. Don’t forget your wife, mother, daughter, or sister roles.

I’m not talking about domestic chores, a domestic help can handle those.

I’m talking about those things only a sister, or wife or mother can do.

Don’t forget them.

5. When you learn new things, teach us.

Share with us.

Don’t impose it, but teach us.

We also want to learn from you and your business exploits.

6. When you want something from us for your business, remember there are so many ways to kill a rat.

If method A doesn’t work, there are so many other alphabets in the English language.

You are a woman.

Use your powers.

They work.

7. Organize your business.

Structure your business, and put yourself on a salary.

This is important if your business is making a lot of money.

Your money and the business money isn’t the same.

From your salary, don’t forget to give us little treats, as appreciation for our support.

8. Tell us how you want us to support you.

Take a sheet of paper, and write out the major ways you want us to support you.

Make out time and talk to us about it.

Talk to us like it’s a business presentation (We will actually understand better).

We may not be perfect, but we (REAL MEN) truly want you to shine even more than us.

Guys, did we miss anything? Please add.