Trapped & Unfunded Ideas.

Many untapped businesses are trapped as UNFUNDED IDEAS because of TRUST DEFICIT.

There are people who have brilliant business ideas but do not have the funds to materialize them …AND then we have those who have so much of money (lying idle) yet they do not have an idea of how to get it productively engaged.

As a business coach, I found out that this syndrome is predominant amongst people in developing economies.

Drill down…..

You will discover what we call scarcity mentality. It is the mentality of wanting to be the “only light” or “unchallenged champion” in a failed environment.

The poor or their offsprings (most times) are the custodians of these great business ideas while the rich and their uninspired offsprings have the funds.

Unfortunately, the poor is afraid that the rich will hijack his or her ideas and runaway with it. Same holds for the rich; I don’t believe this guy, he will run away with my money OR he won’t respect me again when he finally becomes rich ! And the question is why the so much distrust?

At Excel and Grace Consulting, our academy has been building business leaders into having the “Abundance Mentality” of helping people do profitable and mutually beneficial collaborations.. All of these begin by first learning to TRUST others after you have made others to TRUST you!

Like I always say, if there is no TRUST, then there isn’t a relationship and when we don’t have relationship, there’s no way we can have a


So, do you have a great business idea and you currently do no have funds for it, come let’s talk about it and see if we can build the dream together. We will shape it, reprocess it and present it to people (our reputable clients and friends) who may be willing to help you together with them, take it to the next level.

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t bought a copy of Business Unusual ( Best selling business book), then the excerpts shared here won’t make too much meaning to you. Try and get one ASAP.


Dr. Festus Odigie-Erewele

Founder & Managing Partner, Excel Grace Consulting.

I create and manage business leaders.