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Things you MUST monitor in your business for growth [Online course].

Dear Business owner, do you feel like your business isn’t growing no matter how hard you try?

Are you ready to change that?

Welcome, your journey starts here!

You shouldn’t be feeling though.

You should know if your business is growing or not.

Well after this course you will always know and you will know what to do to make your business grow.

We are on a mission to help Nigerian business owners and entrepreneurs do this affordably.

With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, this isn’t the time for business owners to do business by luck. 

You must acquire more than just a casual knowledge about the key elements in your business if your business will survive through the aftermath of this pandemic.

So, how do we do this?


A 30-minutes online-video-course which takes you through 6 simple things you must monitor in your business; how you will monitor them, and what to do after monitoring.

It is course number 1 in a series of short online courses we will be hosting for business owners

So, why should YOU be interested this Course?

– The delivery method is so simple, using easy to understand videos to explain each point.

– The Instructor is Nnamdi Ibe [#TheSurgeon], Business Consultant, entrepreneur, Tedx speaker and Senior Partner at Excel and Grace consulting.  

Over the years, Nnamdi has helped thousands of business owners and businesses grow and sustain the growth by deploying experience based, management principles.   

– Each week, over 10000 business owners learn simple and practical business strategies on the social media pages of Excel and Grace consulting 

You won’t find this as simple as this anywhere else.

What learning points does the Course cover?

  • The difference between BUSYNESS and BUSINESS.
  • Why you are in business. 
  • The 6 things you MUST monitor in your business
  • How to monitor these things
  • What to do after monitoring them to make your business grow.


This course  is offered as a solution to PREMIUM BUSINESS OWNERS like YOU for the next 7 days on our Excel and Grace Online Academy for – N10,000 (now N3,500). 


Why is the course so cheap?

The course is cheap because many people need all the help they can get at the moment. This is one of the ways we can help.

Are there other courses I can take?

Yes. We will upload them soon. For information, do send us an email at info@eandg.com.ng and we will guide you.

Can this course be bought for a management employee or friend?

Yes, it can. Use the bank transfer option. Pay for as many friends as possible and send their names and emails.

” What you MONITOR, you can MEASURE.

What you MEASURE, you can MANAGE.

What you MANAGE, you can IMPROVE [GROW]. “

I’m rooting for you.


Nnamdi Ibe

Senior Partner

Excel and Grace Consulting.

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