The Two Faces Of Evil In The Nigeria Business Environment.

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A few days ago, I read some stories about two different Nigerians. One, doing business successfully in Nigeria and the other, is a successful businessman abroad. Their stories came to me with so many mixed feelings – I was happy for one and for the other, terribly sad.

The successful businessman in Nigeria didn’t live in Nigeria; in fact, he settled his family abroad. He said he did that because he wasn’t sure about their safety here in Nigeria. Moreover, (still quoting him), I want them to live the good life. He kept them comfortable with more than 70% of the money he made from Nigeria.

The other one abroad was twice as successful but was uncomfortable living abroad continuously with his family. He wanted to return home to Nigeria and establish a thriving business. made up his mind to return home with his family and establish a thriving business.

He moved down more than 80% of his resources into the country but was greeted on arrival with frustrations. First, by the regulatory bodies who needed to be bribed heavily before granting them the required approvals and secondly by the obvious challenges in dealing with the deficits in basic utilities and infrastructures. The sad end was that he died miserably trying so hard to make his country great. His wife took the children back abroad and swore never to have anything to do with Nigeria again!

So, here I am wondering what kind of a country we have. Those who steal from us and kill us are praised and honoured while those who want to help us are vilified, frustrated and killed. Soon, I will hear, let us pray for Nigeria. I do too, but I pray with Numbers 35:33. Go check it out!

Abeg na who do us for this country?

Dr. Festus Odigie-Erewele