Before you hire your next staff, use this!


These MUST-HAVE STAFF DOCUMENTS you are about to get is currently being used by over 350+ employers, saving them up to N50 million worth of stress and trouble yearly!

The MUST-HAVE STAFF DOCUMENTS gives you access to the following:

  • All the employment documents you need in your small business.
  • 26 done-for-you, editable templates, documents, and tools you can use. 


  • You will learn how to hire great employees for your company, the method we use for ourselves and our clients.  [Armed with this, you never have to worry about staff hiring mistakes anymore]
  • Employment letters which you can use within minutes without having to stress your brain or composing anything. Just pick, edit, print, and sign one of the 10 employment letter templates.
  • 10 ways you can reward your employees to make them loyal to you and how you can implement them with the staff you currently have.
  • Don’t argue with your employees anymore. Just select from the 10 employee policies, and implement them in your business.Your employees will finally understand how you want them to function, what you will not tolerate, how they will be rewarded for good behavior, and how they will be punished for bad behavior
  • A Guarantor’s form. You will know who to hold responsible in case any of your employees misbehaves or needs to be located. [The guarantor’s form will also be very useful in cases of fraud and police cases].
  • You will learn how to pay your employees for results you can actually measure, and not just pay them because it’s the end of the month. [KPI Sample]
  • The top things you should look out for when hiring in Africa. [Bonus video on how to hire]
  • You will see why employers fail in staff management and how you can do things differently.


Wait, that’s not all!…This MUST-HAVE STAFF DOCUMENTS also gives you access to the following bonuses– Job recruitment post samples – Bits and Pieces E-Book (A collection of business stories)

There’s more

You also get a 5 day masterclass on how to structure your business, so you are able to live the life you so desire, have more time for your family and get your business working smoothly with or without you.


  • A Guide on how to hire great staff (worth N70,000)
  • 10 Employment letter samples for different staff (Worth N20,000 each)
  • 10 Employee policies (Worth N50,000)
  • Guarantor’s form (Worth N10,000)
  • Employee data form (Worth N10,000)
  • KPI sample document (Worth 25,000)
  • Position contract sample.
  • 10 Employee benefits options and ideas (Worth N35,000)

PLUS 7 videos that show you exactly how to use each of the tools in this bundle.



Don’t take my word for it!If you buy this bundle, utilize it and you aren’t impressed, WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY 100%, and write an open apology for wasting your time. I mean it.No questions asked, No stories.

If you were to ask any member of our team to prepare one employment letter for you for any role in your business, you will be charged ₦20,000.

But guess what?

In this MUST-HAVE STAFF DOCUMENTS alone, you get access to 10 different employment letter samples worth N200,000.Everything you get in this bundle is easily worth more than N350,000 if you ordered them individually.But today, you have the opportunity of getting all this for JUST [$16] ₦7,750.

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