Selling your Consulting/ Coaching / 'Services' Business

Which of these problems are you experiencing as a consultant, coach, trainer, expert or service provider?

Problem 1: How to get clients. Scratch that. How to get premium clients. 

Problem 2: How to serve clients without your input. 

Problem 3: How to increase the number of clients you serve.

Problem 4: I don't see my money at the end of the month?

Problem 5: Why don't they recognise me in the places that matter?

Now, there are a lot more, we know, but being able to address these let me tell you a big secrets:

These problems aren't going anywhere unless you do things differently and I'll tell you why. 

Your expertise isn't enough. 

I'll say it again. 


For 2 days, Emily Wale-Koya (Nigeria's Personal Brand Coach), Emeka Nobis (Author, Thought leader), and I, (Business Consultant, Senior Partner Excel and Grace Consulting) will show you how we've built successful businesses. 

We'll show you WHAT works, WHY it works, and HOW you can apply them to your business.  


6 hours of practical learning.

+ Videos 

+ Audios 

+ Q & A's 

Participants will learn:

  • * How to FIND and KEEP CLIENTS.
  • * TAXATION, Regulation and certification for "service" providers. 
  • * PRICING Profitably. 
  • * How to SETUP and STRUCTURE  a COMPANY properly. 
  • * Simple Apps to help AUTOMATE business processes. 


+ Complementary templates and guides.

+ Complementary Ebooks for all participants


Do you remember how much more money you wanted to make as an expert in 2019. 

How much did you actually make it? Do you like how that feels?

Now let's assume it's possible to go back in time to January 1st 2019, armed with all we are going to give you at this training, how much would this be worth to you?

Well, since you can't go back in time, do the next best thing. Take charge of 2020. Register for Selling your consulting / coaching business.

Dates: November 30th and December 1st, 2019.

Venue: Online.

Time: 7pm Daily. 

Registration: N15,000 flat.

OR pay to Excel and Grace Int Services, 0403171014, FCMB.

Send proof via WhatsApp to 08060263454. 

For inquiries call Uchechi on 08060263454.

You are an expert.

It's time your business functions expertly too. 


Nnamdi Ibe

This is the first time I'm sharing the methods I've used for the clients and brands I've worked with. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how simple and effective these strategies are!

Nnamdi (#TheSurgeon)

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