1. What is the academy about? 

The Academy Is called the Organized Small Business Academy.

It’s a 30 day online program where we look at things like – pricing, marketing, sales, staffing, how to see you profit, etc, but in simple practical ways for small businesses. 

It is a life-transforming program that teaches you how to ORGANIZE and STRUCTURE your small business, so it makes money for you without stressing You. 


Some people have called it BUSINESS STRUCTURE MADE EASY for small business owners. 



2. What will I learn? 


In the academy, you will learn about 42 courses including:


+ How to ARRANGE and ORGANIZE all the work you do in your small business.


+ How to see your PROFIT in CASH in your small business


+ How to HIRE GOOD STAFF for your small business even if you’ve never hired staff before.


+ Practical ways to ORGANIZE YOUR CONTENT CREATION, so you never worry about content again.


+ How to ORGANIZE YOUR MARKETING AND SALES in your small business. 


+ How to PRICE YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES in your small business.


+ SIMPLE POLICIES. How to create them and use them in your small business.


+ How to ORGANIZE WHERE YOU WORK FROM especially if you run your small business from HOME, etc.



3. How long is the program? 


The academy is a 30-Day program. It lasts for 30 days.



4. Will I get a certificate after the program? 


Yes you will get a certificate at the end of the program.



5. How long is each day’s class in a day? 


The classes are designed intentionally to be usually short, but loaded.


This is to make sure that your time is managed, and you don’t get overwhelmed by the sessions.


Some classes are as short as 4 minutes, and most classes are between 12 – 20 minutes each day. We also have a few longer sessions, so it’s a mix. 


6. How much is the academy?


The Academy fee is N37,500 or $50 or GHS510 and you can pay NOW. 




Please make payment of N37,500 by transfer to:


Kuda Micro Finance Bank

Organized Business Services LTD


Then send proof of payment here via Whatsapp to 07015864486


If you are outside Nigeria, 


We have payment options through

– MOMO in Ghana

– Selar for USD card payments from anywhere else in the world.


7. Do you have any hand outs?


There are a few resources that would be given as bonuses but there are no hand outs. 


The program isn’t designed to be academic. 


It is very practical as we believe in doing and implementation. 


We will make sure you learn and implement.

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