I’ve run many businesses in my life as a business owner.

From IT supplies, to a cleaning business, to selling women’s shoes and bags, etc.

The truth is I’ve been on the street trying out a lot of businesses that didn’t work.

I’ve also done some small businesses that grew into great businesses.

Grace Kapital, our micro-lending company is one of them.

When I look back at the businesses that have succeeded and failed, I can say that if I could go back, I’ll start every one of those businesses with some level of structure.

And that’s what I have done in this book.

I’ve put down all the simple methods and steps I use to Organize any business I start.

I’ve shared these methods in conferences, seminars, and training that have reached over 10,000 people across different cities in Nigeria and Ghana.

I’ve also helped some small business owners implement these methods in their businesses.

And that’s what I want to show you in this book.

Simple tweaks. 

Simple ideas.

Simple solutions. 

Simple business management tricks.

Each with one objective. 

To ensure that you organize your small business. 

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