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One on One sessions 

Do any of these questions describe your current situation.

  • You do a lot of things. You are always busy but have nothing to show for it after years of investing yourself into your businesses?
  • You know what to do. You even have a clue how to do it, but cannot find the energy, time, motivation or push to take action?
  • You are the only one in your business. You know you truly need good hands who don’t just collect salaries, but produce results in line with your detailed expectations and vision. But you have no clue how to get this done.
  • Fear cripples all your best plans and strategies. If only you had someone who could hold your hand and hold you accountable for results.

Need to talk about your business needs, in ways you have not looked at or did not know existed for your future?

Let's do this together through our One-on-One Consulting Session.

What is One-on-One Consulting?

A one-on-one consulting is a private, one-off consultancy session, carried out remotely or in person. During the session, I am at your disposal to review your current situation, work with you on an action plan, and answer all of your questions.

Nnamdi Ibe
Senior Partner,
Excel and Grace Consulting

Imagine having a system that that meets my needs and a business owner and puts my employers in a position to function productively without my constant supervision. That’s how I feel now.

Milton Tutu 

New Media Writer

I had just one question and 20 minutes into our session, he had given me 5 actionable solutions with timelines that took me out of the plateau in my business. I'll be back for more, if possible monthly. You truly are a Business Surgeon

Barr. Tosin Omotosho

Principal, Legalsolutionswithtosin

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