On A Journey With A Serial Entrepreneur

In my last post, I mentioned passively that I was on a 7-day journey round the country with a client who wants my expertise on his several businesses. Going through our SLA he knew from the word go that we weren’t text-book consultants. We do not say a word or proffer a solution if we have not seen or had a direct encounter with what we are to work on – the business.

NOW, this is what one man does:

+ Oil & Gas – downstream trading

+ Agriculture – Poultry production, Oil Palm Plantation

+ Hospitality – Hotel & Catering services

+ Manufacturing – Water bottling, Fibre, Feeds and Starch production (different companies)

+ Education – Nursery, Primary & Secondary schools.

When we had a pre-chat before our eventual engagement, I told him, he appeared ambitious and looked like a man who is very angry at poverty. I asked how he came into all of these energy-sapping, highly engaging and unrelated ventures. Well, maybe when you come you will understand why? But in one word – I saw opportunities and I took them.

Well guys, this is day 5 and I am on my way to Lagos to resume in one of his other locations. It has been exhausting but quite revealing. Was he correct when he said he had opportunities? Well, yes! But are there issues that can cancel out those opportunities? Very many!

I had a post evaluation chat with him and his wife at his residence in Warri yesterday. He looked at his wife intermittently and said: “I believe you can now agree with me why I chose to work with Excel and Grace Consulting”

Getting Business Consultant to come reorganize and restructure your business is not born out of the fact that you are not intelligent. No way! It is born out of the truth that you don’t know what you don’t know. You can be an excellent Doctor but you don’t know the business of medicine; you can be the best cook in the world but still don’t know the business of cooking. It’s that simple!

My client is very cerebral, has several degrees and currently on his PhD in Business Administration; but he still doesn’t know what he needs to know about business structuring. Every discussion we have had with him even at this preliminary stage, has made him feel like a nursery school child. The good news is that he understands better now and he sees hope.

What about you?

Do you still think you can gamble with your business on a trial and error basis? The current economy does not allow you the privilege to be wasteful and remain useful! Do something quick about that failing business or that business that isn’t realizing it’s full potentials. There are people who understand these things and I like to say; unequivocally, that we do at Excel and Grace Consulting.

I love what I do…..and I do what I love. I can help you love what you are doing the more.

Dr Festus Odigie-Erewele (The Coach)

Founder and Managing Partner

Excel and Grace Consulting

I create and manage business leaders