Keep being consistent in impacting others!

Sometimes, many of us do not have the faintest idea of how immensely endowed we are, until we get the rarest privilege to hear it from others.

Sometimes, we think we can’t. Yes!

Trust me when I say that sometimes, we become stripped and deprived from the very confidence we build in others! Yeah!

Sometimes, we become victims of our own life lessons.


When we do not despair or lose focus, miracles happen.

So, yesterday a young couple called me up and said they wanted me to come pray over a project they were on with. Luckily (No! Let’s say miraculously) I was free and I obliged them. The man said so many things about my works on this platform and how it has impacted his life and career. I was shocked…..shocked because he neither makes a comment or even ‘likes’ on any of my postings. But, he was an ardent follower and believer of what I do and stand for.

Well, after the session of prayers, the couple took me to Market Square and asked me to shop for anything that I wanted! I mean anything that I wanted (not needed o!). Thank God his wife was there with us because I was confused and overwhelmed…..

They did and while we moved from shelf to shelf, I pinched myself severally to wake up to reality, but it was real. I went home with two trolleys of goods worth over N200k yesterday just from a man whose life I have impacted. Honestly, I used to think that these things happen ONLY to women….but it’s a lie. It happened to me live yesterday!

I say this to encourage many of us who toil from day to day and from time to time to make impact and it appears like a waste! No way, it is not! Just be focused and remain consistent in what you do. The reward may take time but it will surely come. Sometimes, the delays are to test how much belief you have in what you are doing, and if you don’t tarry in it, you do not have a justification to sell it.

Anyways , I managed to take a photograph of the exercise yesterday in an unprofessional way 😂 so that I don’t get embarrassed or get the couple embarrassed. I just needed to show an evidence of this gratitude. I am happy and grateful.

Stay focused!

Dr. Festus Odigie-Erewele (The Coach)

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