If you are experiencing burnout as a CEO, this will help

Strategic thinking and positioning comes to me as the most important duties of a CEO.

While some potent school of thoughts may may tilt towards something else, my conviction is predicated on the fact that every other thing you have to do as a business owner would need to rest on the tripod of your capacity, character and competence. Fortunately, these 3 Cs form the bedrock of strategic thinking and positioning.

So, I ask as I often do: “Why do businesses in these part of the world done predominantly on a subsistence scale?” In other words, how many Nigerian businesses are over 50 years or seen the settings of two generations?

Few! Infact, VERY few!

One of the very reasons why this happens is because of our inability to plan as business owners and put a structure in place for that business. We work to become indispensable (everything to everyone else) and then we suddenly get dispensed either by nature or by other men who lurk around in the extreme ends of either being smart or foolish!

Secondly, many business owners are unconsciously afraid of growth. They intentionally limit themselves from growing either because of the paucity of trust or the ignorance. They want to be in charge and control . They resist the presence and contributions of others and so end up like those in my first description.

Finally, there are business owners who do not really know how to progress and when they are told, they resist because they feel it is expensive.

Business owners need to know what to do, how to do it , where to do it and when to do it. This is why we have become a household name in the world of business consulting. We teach, participate in the process, build the business and let you enjoy it.

Talk to us today at Excel and Grace Consulting for any of your business concerns and you will be glad you did.


Dr Festus Erewele

Managing Partner, Excel and Grace Consulting