Here are some ideas I wish I had known before I got into my 30’s. I hope you find them useful.

1. – Don’t fund the lifestyle of your partner from your business.

You aren’t anyone’s bank.

If you are married, make sure your spouse makes their own money. If you are dating, the same thing applies.

2. – Put yourself on a salary from your business.

If you own a business, don’t spend all the money that comes into the business.

Put yourself on a salary and live on the salary so the business will grow.

3. – Plan for when your grandmother will swallow spoon.

They will always call you that something happened in your family.

You can’t be Jesus.

Make plans for what you can do, and do it.

Don’t do more than you can afford.

4. – Don’t compare yourself with other business owners.

Social media can make you feel like you aren’t doing enough.

Focus on your journey.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone.

Your race is different.

5. – When money comes in, think long term.

You will make money.

Don’t be in a hurry to spend everything.

Think long term.

Think of what you can do with the money today that will be useful in 10 years.

Savings, investment, courses, training, expansion, etc.

6. – Your social life is not as important as you think it is.

There is only one Obi Cubana, and he is not in his 30’s.

Don’t let pressure make you feel like you must be overly involved in social activities.

Attend a few to keep relationships but you must not be at every asoebi.

7. Improve yourself consistently.

From 30 -39 is 9 years.

What would you have learnt in 9 years?

Read books.

Attend courses.

Train yourself.

Your university degree isn’t enough anymore.

8. – Make your business run with minimal supervision from you, as soon as possible.

All your energy shouldn’t be spent running your business.

Structure your business (Build a team to run your business) so you can have time for yourself, family, friends, etc.

9. Pay attention to your health.

Exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, rest. Etc.

Na who dey alive go fit hussle.

Take control of your health now you are still young.

Go for check ups once in a while.

Anyways, I know you will be alright.

I’ve got faith in YOU.