From “ONE MAN BUSINESS” to “COMPANY” without breaking the bank [Online Course]. 

Many people envy you now because you are a business owner, but they don’t understand your daily struggle.

How you moved from a “Mama Nkechi shop” to become a flourishing and well structured business. 

But they don’t know you aren’t there yet. 

They don’t know thoughts like these keep you up at night: 

How do I simplify all the things I am supposed to do on a daily basis?

How do I stop paying salaries to people when I still do most of the work?

How do I run my business professionally like a company, even if I am the only one running the business?

How do I move from one man business to being a company that would be valued, respected and taken seriously by prospects and clients?

That’s what this course will teach.

After 10 years+ of working with business owners like you, with lots of success stories, we have condensed our years of experience and expertise into this clear, simple, easy to understand video course.

This course takes you on a step by step journey to turn you into a company.

At the end of this course, you would have structured your business even if you are the only one in your business (You may not need to hire anyone immediately).You will be able to clearly define the kind of business you are building, so that you are not confused about where your business will be in future (Your vision).​You will also be able to clearly chose who you will need in your business, when you will need the person, what each person will be doing, and how you will measure each person’s performance.You don’t want to hire people, pay them salaries, and still be doing all the work right?You will also learn how to build processes in your business, so that everything flows smoothly and automatically in your business.

Imagine your business making money consistently and serving your customers easily with little effort from you. Won’t you sleep better every night?

So how do I pay?

Simple. Click HERE to enroll now.

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“I wanted to move from my one man consulting business to a proper company, but i didn’t know how to.


After working with Nnamdi Ibe, my company SwitchPath is separate from me, running on its own, with 3 employees. 

Emeka Nobis

Author, Thought Leader and CEO, SwitchPath Consulting.

Today, I relished the achievement of that goal. One of our most senior staff represented me at a client’s book launch and made me proud. The best part? I’m in Port Harcourt and this launch held in Lagos.

The second best part? I was having ice cream with my business coach Nnamdi Ibe, who held my hand through the process and helped our team grow rapidly in the last six months, while she read my speech.

Ini Akpan

CEO, SW Advantage

About your instructor.

Nnamdi Ibe is a sought after Business Consultant, Seasoned Entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker.

▰ Over the years, Nnamdi Ibe has continued to deploy best managerial skills, and has helped over 5000 business owners and 400 businesses grow and sustain their growth using experience based management principles.

▰ Nnamdi Ibe’s background in Management positioned him to add value in various organizations where he has served in strategic positions such as Head of Operations, Head of marketing, Managing Director, and he continues to lead many organizations.

▰ As a speaker and trainer, Nnamdi Ibe has spoken in some of the most prestigious events in Nigeria and for organizations around Nigeria including TedxPortHarcourt, FERMA, Ikoyi Club, Dripples Cakes limited, The Event Show, Women in Port Harcourt Conference, The Wisdom Place Church, The Man Thing Conference, Sosai Renewable Services Limited, etc.

▰ He is currently Senior Partner at Excel and Grace Consulting, Nigeria’s fastest growing business consulting firm based in Port Harcourt, with clients all over Nigeria.

▰ Some clients include Ikoyi Club, Calculux Nig Ltd, PamDrive, Alcon Nigeria Limited, Catoky Group of Schools, Transviews Diagnostics Services, City of Hope Medical Center, Omo-Oria Oil Services Limited, etc.

▰ He is the co – convener of several platforms including the MSME Connect Conference, The Business clinic, Business BY Design, which have held in several states in Nigeria.

▰ Nnamdi Ibe believes that business can be simple and easy, this ideology guides all that he does to help business owners.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. You and your business are not the same.
  • 3. It begins with you, but it is not about you, alone.
  • 4. What type of business are you building? Clarify your vision
  • 5. Organize your business PT 1 
  • 6. Organize your business PT 2 
  • 7. Organize your business PT 3 
  • 8. Organize your business PT 4 
  • 9. How to produce excellence even when you are not around. 


When does the course start and finish?

The course is available to you right now, at this price for the next 24 hours. As soon as you enroll, you decide when you start and when you finish. You study at your pace

This course is cheap. Will I get value from it?

Not everything is about money. We are doing this because we believe that business should be simple, and it is our responsibility to help as many people with simple solutions at an affordable price, without reducing value.

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