Do You Also Have Some “Rich & Useless” Friends?

There are certain things that happen in life which changes your belief system completely.

For me, who is ingeniously gifted as a mind-shift Coach and Mentalist, I constantly re-write theories and postulates hypotheses which are extolled by men of wisdom and good understanding.

I have often heard that your networth is the average of five of your closest friends or associates. So, over the years some of us became deliberate in constantly reviewing our profile of association and changing those who didn’t add value to us. We became social butterflies and forced our ways up the ladder to get knotted with the rich and famous.

Unfortunately, what some of us didn’t know is that “what we see or feel” about people in the current world we live in isn’t sometimes real picture. Most times, what people put up is a fassad! What you may not know is that many of them are way down the ladder of relevance than you are. It’s just that you were so consumed with your pursuit and didn’t realise their “fakeness”

Here are some ways you can use to find out some of these “rich & useless” friends.
1. They pretend to get a call or deliberately make one, once it’s time to settle a bill either in a restaurant or bar or anywhere joint purchases are made!

2. They discuss business with you, agree that it is good, promises to be a part of it and come up with excuses at the end when you need them most – and they walk away.

3. They constantly refer people to you that you need to assist on their behalf. Those who need money or favour that they can’t offer. They extract from you and call you sweet names to hide their inadequacies.

4. They come up most times with “great ideas” and talk passionately about them for you to buy into. You do, and at the end they want to be in total control of the same idea you funded.

5. They know you are good, humane, intelligent, have some “coins” etc. They cash in on it, take from your pool freely, use it to develope themselves and their businesses. And everytime you listen to them, you hear “I” as a constant basis of their success. The few nice ones will come back to you and say you are my “hero” without a reward or manifest appreciation.

Anyways, when you see some of these signs, tred with caution and start making urgent plans to delete such personality from.your list of five. After all friendship is not by force!

The flipside is: what if YOU reading this is a beneficiary of these attributes?

Simply know that you just have to change.

“Success is not borne out of the abundance that you have surreptitiously stored up for yourself and your family, but how well you can be named as a factor for greatness amongst many who have succeeded”

Dr. Festus Odigie-Erewele