forget the suits you see me wear, my journey into business started in the local market....ARIARIA MARKET in aba, abia state.

In 2004, my older cousin was running the biggest pharmacy in Bonny Island in Rivers state Nigeria and he was the major supplier of Drugs and Medical equipment to NLNG Bonny [Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Limited].

Unfortunately, he had an accident that kept him hospitalized and immobile for months. The day he was discharged from the hospital was the day I finished my final paper in the university [Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State], so I came straight to Port Harcourt, Rivers State to help him.

It turned out that where he needed help the most was in his business because he could barely move around, so I took over that business and ran it for two years.

Majority of the drugs we supplied to NLNG we had to buy from the importers in Aba and that meant I was in Ariaria market everyday Mondays to Thursdays for the better part of this two-year period.

Now the business owners we bought the drugs and equipment from were not organized, they didn’t have any business structure, most of them where one man businesses, it was chaotic.

NLNG on the other hand was very structured and organized.

They had standards and processes for everything.

This created a problem for me because I had to receive the goods from the guys in Aba, bring them down to Port Harcourt, sort through them [and there were always issues] before sending them to NLNG.

We were losing valuable delivery time, and this meant we were losing money.

I began to study how NLNG did things and took notes.

Then I took some of the ideas I had learnt and shared with the business owners we bought from in Aba and after a few months, something began to happen.

I went from making one delivery to NLNG every 3 days to making one delivery in 2 days to one delivery daily, and to 2 deliveries daily.

Exciting times I must say.

From that time till now, I’ve started and run many businesses. Some failed, others did well and are still doing well.

I’ve also worked for a couple of businesses in different capacities including some roles as Managing Director, Executive Director - Operations, and Marketing Manager.

My proudest achievement though is the reason I want to connect with YOU and give you the gifts I have for you.

Currently I'm Senior Partner in Excel and Grace Consulting. Over the last 12 years, my team and I have worked with and helped over 60,000 businesses and business owners to help them do business better, and all of this started with those days in Ariaria Market.

We do this by sharing content on our social media platforms. 

Currently we have 14,900 followers on Instagram and 4200 followers on Facebook and we are growing.

By connecting with me, you will learn from my team and I, simple and easy to implement solutions that will help you run your business better.

I’ll show you just like I showed those business owners in Ariaria.

For connecting with me today, I’ve got GIFTS for you.

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  • I love how WhatsApp makes it simple and easy for people to connect.
  • I share great business insights on my WhatsApp status.

So do this now.

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