how to structure your business Like dangote

Does it feel like you are working too hard, turning over money, but can’t see your profits?

Does it feel like your business is supposed to have grown past its current level, but somehow, the business it isn’t growing?

Do you want to scale your business but don’t know how to?

Do you feel like you are paying employees but you are still the one doing most of the work?

Does it feel like you don’t know where your business is going, and you can’t clearly answer why you are even doing this business?

If any of these questions spoke to you, then trust me, your pain is felt.

I feel it because I was you.

I feel it because many of my clients were in similar positions.

Here’s how you too can put these problems in the past just like we’ve done.

At THE BUSINESS STRUCTURE WEBINAR, I’ll use simplified, easy to understand, step by step methods that I have fine-tuned in my over 12 years’ experience as a consultant, to help you solve these issues.

It is a two-day coaching program designed to help you structure and manage your business profitably, so you don’t just blindly follow a passion.


So here’s what you’ll get from this webinar.

  • You will get a clear vision for your business, so you can clearly see where your business is going and own that vision.
  • You will define who exactly you will need to hire, in line with your vision, so you can hire who your business truly needs at the appropriate time, and not hire people who just want a salary.
  • You will also clearly outline what each single person in your business would be doing, so you don’t have idle people in your business.
  • You will outline how each person’s performance would be measured, so employees are actually paid for results and not just because they came to work.
  • You will learn how to create business processes (Standard operating procedures), so that your businesses will produce excellent results even without you. Processes like marketing, accounting [SO YOU CLEARLY SEE YOUR MONEY], customer service, production, etc.
  • Assignments will be given alongside exercises, so you learn by trying and not just to acquire knowledge.
  • You will get templates and cheat sheets, so you don’t have to pull out important documents from thin air. Things like employment letters, guarantor’s form, business process templates, bookkeeping templates, etc.
  • Sessions will be recorded, saved and made available for you, so you can watch the replays over again.


There’s more.

Because it’s my birthday week, some friends of mine have decided to gift you the following palliatives as SPECIAL BONUSES just for you, if you sign up this week.

Here’s what you get:

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b. 21 day Content Calendar AudioBonus #2: From Habeeb Salaudeen @Canvalorrda. How to Design Highlight Covers on Canva tutorialBonus #3: From Ibukun @SmartphonePhotographybossa. Tips for incredible smartphone product pictures – Ebook

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Bonus #7: From Osagie Alex Mr Upgrade @wisdomcounselina) Video series “60 seconds of Upgrade”


$300$120 [N54,000] [Birthday discount valid for 48 hours]

To register, make payment to:

Excel and Grace Integrated Services



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One last thing.

Let me tell you Emily’s Story.


$300 $120 [N54,000] [Birthday discount valid for 48 hours]

To register, make payment to:

Excel and Grace Integrated Services



Then send proof of payment via WhatsApp to 08150579146

Only 10 spots available.

It’s time you STRUCTURE your business so it runs PROFITABLY, with minimal input from you, just like DANGOTE.

I’ll see you in class.

Warm Regards,

Nnamdi Ibe [#The Surgeon]

Senior Partner, Excel and Grace Consulting.

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