Invaluable words from a grateful heart

Sometimes, many of us do not value the gift of words. We want gifts of all sorts in exchange of the value we give. Most times, some of us charge so much to affirm who we are or have become. Fortunately OR unfortunately, the world believes that the costlier you are, the better the perception of value. .

Again, if you look at the flip side, these theorists may not be wrong because t is very easy to abuse value, when a costly exchange is not involved. I had even posited severally that where value is not known, waste is inevitable!

However, my concern this morning is basically on finding a balance. It is the responsibility of mentors and or coaches to have a thorough knowledge of assessing need analysis. People who WANT your knowledge and core skills should pay for it; but those who NEED it and are unable can get it for free. This is my personal philosophy.

So last night, I got a call from one of my mentes who needed an advice and my guidance to further her cause. She couldn’t even afford the credit time, so I called her. On a 42 minutes call, we did justice to it and severally I heard thank you…thank you…Doc. thank you so so much and then good night!

This morning, after my family prayers, I checked my phone and found this message. I like to share it below:



You possess a rare gift.

You can develop one from nothing to a king.

You possess strength , confidence and trust.

You can’t begin to imagine the great people your producing thru your teachings and personal interactions.

You are a gift.

So it isn’t about getting a Guinness World Record but about how many people you have produced to make Guinness World Record in future.

Thank you and good night.

Thelma. C.


I read this severally and I noticed a tear on my eyes.

I am glad I was able to help when the need arose. Thank you Thelma. Thank you for fuelling me up with new energy to do more. I truly appreciate.

Dr. Festus Odigie-Erewele (The Coach)

Founder and Managing Partner

Excel and Grace Consulting

I create and manage business leaders.